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The call to action is to convince the Mississippi state legislature to authorize two weeks of early voting. A bill of this nature would permit eligible Mississippi voters the opportunity to vote during a two-week period prior to Election Day, helping to ensure that last minute work or family obligations do not deprive eligible voters of their fundamental right.

Under the call to action, we will also seek to convince the legislature to authorize online registration. This secondary objective would allow authorized persons eligible to vote in the state to submit their voter registration applications through a secure internet website established by the Secretary of State, making it easier for disabled persons and others to register to vote.

These key election reforms were the consensus recommendation of a bipartisan blue ribbon panel, and a version of a bill that would authorize these reforms was introduced by the current Secretary of State and passed the House last legislative session, before stalling in the Senate. With this effort, People Power volunteers can help broaden access to the ballot box, and strengthen democracy in Mississippi.

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